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Pousada Bossa Nova, Ilha Grande.

The only lodging of the town that has its own restaurant, the already 
consecrated restaurant "da Bossa", one of the best of the Island,
great atmosphere and music. The apartments, built in hardwood rustic style, are in the second floor. Some possess balcony with view for the forest and mountain.
Located in the center, very close of the wharf of tourism and commercial 

Pousada Bossa Nova, Ilha Grande.
Pousada Bossa Nova, Ilha Grande.
Pousada Bossa Nova, Ilha Grande.

We offer the followings options of programs with accommodation in Pousada Bossa Nova:

Economic 5 nights
Comfort 5 nights

For more info about pousada Bossa Nova, see www.hotel-ilhagrande.com

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