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Pousada Sanhaço, Ilha Grande.


Wide and comfortable apartments. Located 80 meters from the beach, only 3 minutes of the wharf of tourism and to 10 of the arrival's wharf.
Close to commercial center and restaurants, it offers good relationship cost x benefit. 

Pousada Sanhaço, Ilha Grande.
Pousada Sanhaço, Ilha Grande.
Pousada Sanhaço, Ilha Grande.

We offer the followings options of programs with accommodation in Pousada Sanhaço:

Economic 5 nights
Rio + Ilha Grande + Paraty 7 nights

For more info about pousada Sanhaço, see www.hotel-ilhagrande.com
Embratur: SP-10-05.625.929/0001-20 - CNPJ: 05 625 929/0001-20
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